Inigo Elizalde

Inigo Elizalde is best known for his exquisite rug and textile collections. Elizalde was born in the Philippines but spent his formative years in boarding school in New England. He holds a BFA degree in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design, and lives and works in New York City.  After a number of years as art director for Rafe New York, Elizalde serendipitously found an unexpected outlet for his creativity- rug design. Elizalde paid a visit to a friend’s rug mill in the Philippines and left a few days later with his first collection in production. His passion for the history, craft and science behind rug making was instantaneous.
The inspiration for Elizalde’s highly conceptual work is all around us. Observations as fleeting and diverse as the shimmer of light on New York City’s Hudson River, a vibrant jeepney in Manila, snow laden branches in British Columbia or a computer glitch give rise to stunning patterns and color palettes.
Elizalde’s clients include a coterie of top interior designers and architects who seek him out for his contemporary aesthetic and knowledge of ancient craft and production. The studio recently began producing home accessories, textiles and furniture