Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquires

Do I need to create an account to purchase rugs through PFM?
Everyone is welcome to browse our website. If you wish to place an order, we request that you set up an official PFM account. Accounts can be set up via our website’s ‘create an account’ page, done via phone at 800.833.0667 or in person in any of our showrooms.
Can I buy from PFM if I’m not a designer?
PFM currently sells to trade focused designers, architects and contractors. If you are not working with a trade professional and would like help locating one in your area, we are happy to help you. Please contact us at I would like to buy PFM products but there isn’t a PFM showroom near me. Please contact us at and we will be happy to set you up with a sales representative who can service you through one of our other showrooms.
On dye lot Variation.
Due to variations in dye lots, actual colors are not guaranteed to match samples. As with all natural fibers, minor variations in yarn color are inevitable. These are part of the fibers natural beauty and should not be construed as defects.
Can I take samples home?
Yes! Once you’ve set up a PFM account, you are welcome to take cuttings or samples from our showroom or request that samples be sent to you. When possible, please return these samples to the PFM showroom nearest you when you are finished. If you need for them to be picked up, please just give us a call.
Can I purchase PFM products through the website?
Registered trade accounts can request cuttings and order samples via our website. As of now, all orders must be placed through our showrooms but in the not too distant future, we hope to allow you to purchase carpet directly through our website.
How do I obtain testing information on fire ratings, wearability, etc?
PFM is able to provide rating information and conduct additional testing upon request. Please contact your local showroom for further information.
What’s the difference between wall-to-wall carpeting and area rugs?
“Wall-to-Wall” carpeting is designed to be installed by professional installers and span from wall-to-wall within a room. Area rugs, however, are sold as is. They do not require installation beyond just being spread in the desired space.
How do I estimate the amount of carpet I’ll need?
PFM’s in house team of expert estimators will coordinate a measure of your space then calculate the amount of carpet you will needed.
What is the average lead time for a strike off custom sample?
The average lead time on strike offs is generally 4-6 weeks.
What is the average production time for my custom order?
Custom orders are generally filled within 12-16 weeks.


Warranties, Claims, and Cancellations

What is Patterson Flynn Martin’s warranty?
PFM warrants to the initial purchaser that its carpets and installation will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of delivery to the original seller. This is a limited warranty and contains specific exclusions and limitations. Liability and exclusive remedy of PFM under this warranty is limited to actual repair or replacement. PFM’s total liability shall not exceed the invoice amount to the original seller.
Will claims be considered after installation?
Once PFM carpeting has been accepted and inspected by our installers or yours, we unfortunately cannot accept any claims on the carpet.
Can I cancel my order?
Custom orders placed with PFM are non-cancelable. Orders for non-custom goods will be treated on a case by case basis and are dependent on the order status at the time of your request.



Will PFM install my carpet?

Yes. PFM is happy to provide and install carpet (wall-to-wall) or deliver and spread (area rugs) at your request or if you prefer for us to just deliver the goods to your client or workroom, we are happy to do that too. Just let us know your preference.
What should I expect on the day of my installation?
We ask that all areas to be carpeted be prepared by you as follows:
  • Furniture: PFM Is happy to handle normal furniture moving; however additional furniture charges may be added for heavily furnished rooms or for individual heavy items.
  • Floors should be cleared as far as possible of all small items, especially: breakables, movables and valuables.
  • Surfaces (desks, tables and armoires) must be emptied. Bookcases must be sufficiently emptied to be easily carried.
  • Bed linens removed.
  • Closet floors cleared.
  • Computers, TVs and A/V equipment detached.
  • Doors: Installers will remove swinging or sliding doors when doors will not clear newly installed carpet; shaving and rehanging doors is the responsibility of the client.
  • Saddles: Exposed edges of carpet such as at entrances and doorways must be covered. When no saddle exists, installer will supply and install metal strips.
  • Leftover Carpet: Since carpet is produced in standard widths, some ‘waste’ is inevitable. Should you have large pieces leftover, our workroom is happy to bind them for you at a nominal charge.
  • Seams: Seams are a necessary consequence of using the purchased yardage as efficiently as possible. Today’s hot melt taped seams are at least as strong as the rest of the carpet. While they are planned to be unobtrusive, they are not invisible. Feel free to discuss the location of seams with us prior to installation.
  • Waste: Our installers will bag all large waste and leave in an appropriate disposal area. You will need to vacuum your newly-installed carpet when they leave.
  • Padding: Installed prices include quality carpet cushion appropriate to the type of carpet and to the areas being installed. Premium cushions (non-allergenic, heavy duty) are available at additional cost.

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