Elizabeth Dow

Elizabeth Dow’s cutting-edge and intuitive color sense, inspired both by natural landscape and the urban environment, translates into a sophisticated aesthetic. The Cooper Hewitt Museum has acknowledged her outstanding achievements by including her work in its permanent collection. Neither a traditionalist nor a modernist, Dow has been able to forge a bridge that compliments both styles.
With her home and studio based in East Hampton, NY, Dow hosts an impressive portfolio of upscale fabrics and wallcoverings. Her work adorns the private residences of clients such as Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Steven Spielberg and many more. You can also find her custom wallcoverings in several rooms in the White House.

  • Whirlpool

    60408 | Wool

  • Timeline

    60445 | Cotton & Faux Silk

  • Stria

    60442 | Cotton, Faux Silk & Sisal, Mohair, Wool

  • Strata

    60439 | Wool

  • Simi

    60430 | Wool

  • Positano

    60451 | Cotton, Faux Silk & Sisal, Mohair, Wool

  • Parma

    60436 | Wool

  • Light Stria

    60448 | Cotton, Faux Silk & Sisal, Mohair, Wool