Joseph La Piana

La paina head shot
Patterson Flynn Martin is thrilled to introduce an exclusive collection of custom rugs created by New York abstract artist, Joseph La Piana. Celebrated for his paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs, La Piana’s work draws on the relationship between light and kinetic energy.
In his new rug collection, La Piana drew inspiration from landscapes near and far, from Amagansett and Central Park to St. Barths and St. Tropez. In a neutral hued palette of warm greys, sepia, charcoal, and mulberry, the collection personifies the rustle of fall foliage, the fluidity of light formations in water currents, hurricane and cyclone forces, and the movement of urban landscapes surrounding Central Park.
Abstract Sunflower
Central Park
Crimson Ink
East Hampton Point
East River
Fluid Movement
French Indies
Free Movement
Fresh Pond
Gustavia Currents
Gustavia Harbor
Hurricane Haze
Indigo Ink
Linear Lines
Movement Abstract
Royal Kinetic
Spring Bloom
St. Barthelemy
St. Tropez
Trace in Paynes
Trace in Scarlet